Managed Information Security. That phrase is sort of nebulous, but what it ultimately means for our clients is "peace of mind". Our managed information security clients enjoy comprehensive system and data protections. StarlIT Sentry +C and StarlIT Sentinel clients' data and systems are managed, protected and secured to reduce your liability by increasing data security and improving compliance.

What is your number? We use numbers to judge success and failure in everything. Blood chemistry, weight, profitability of a business, wealth, cost of living, etc. Everything comes down to numbers. Data Breach Risk Scans quantify the at risk data that is on your systems.

What if you had $1000’s of dollars worth of data sitting unprotected on your computer(s)? What if one of those computers disappeared or was the target of ransomware? You are responsible for securing the data that has been entrusted to you by your clients. What you don’t know CAN hurt you; it can put you out of business.

StarlIT Technology can provide a robust, indepth Data Breach Risk Assessment to give you a real view of the risk that you have in your computers. The sample to the right shows the results from an actual scan of one computer.

You owe it to your clients and to yourself to know what potential data breach risk you may have.

Our StarlIT Sentry +C and StarlIT Sentinel clients enjoy these robust assessments as part of their full service solution. CALL: 239-465-0553 or EMAIL: to schedule a complimentary Data Breach Risk scan or discuss your needs or worries.